Educational Affairs Division

Students’ enrollment, grades, registration, teaching evaluation, course and examination arrangement.
  • Director of Educational Affairs Division
    Chief of Curriculum And Instruction Section
    Chief of Registration Section
    Chief of Library Section
    Chief of Information Management Section

Student Affairs Division

Guidance of school safety, promoting of sports events, law and discipline education, recycling management, student talent competition activities.
  • Director of Student Affairs Division
    Chief of Student Activities Section
    Chief of Guidance And Counseling Section
    Chief of Physical Education Section
    Chief of Hygiene Section

General Affairs Division

Construction, maintenance, property management, purchasing, facilities service, documentation, cashier.
  • Director of General Affairs Division
    Chief of General Affairs Section
    Chief of Cashier Section
    Chief of Documentation Section

Research Division

Arrangement of in-service teacher training, publishing school news and action research, liaise with teacher- training universities for arranging student teachers’ internship affairs.
  • Director of Research Division
    Chief of Experiment and Research Section
    Chief of Internship and Counseling Section
    Chief of Data and Publishing Section

Counseling Division

Student’s living and learning consultation, small group consultation, learning & counseling data, Special Education
  • Director of Counseling Division
    Chief of Guidance and Counseling Section
    Chief of Data Section
    Chief of Special Education Section


Kindergarten Students’ enrollment, students’ activities, general affairs, conduct action research, arranging internship affairs.
  • Director of Kindergarten
    Chief of Educational and Hygiene Section

Personnel office

Management of personnel related affairs–transfer, promotion, reward and discipline, recreation activities.
  • Director of Personnel Office

Accounting office

Budget, annual report, accounting and statistics affairs
  • Director of Accounting Office